Cloth Drying Hangers in Satyanarayanapuram Vijayawada

Cloth Hangers | Mosquito Mesh Windows and Doors

Cloth Drying Hangers available in Satyanarayanapuram Vijayawada. 

  • We Provide Cloth Hangers with 6 Individual Pipes.
  • These Stainless Stell Pipes are Rust free.
  • Hangers are available in different sizes from 4 feet to 8 feet with 6 lines each.
  • Can be fixed in any place to create more cloth drying space
  • Very useful for apartments and homes where space is less and more cloth drying space required
  • We also undertake Cloth hanger rope changing services in Satyanarayanapuram, Vijayawada
Cloth Drying Hangers available in Satyanarayanapuram Vijayawada

We also undertake making and Installation of Mosquito Mesh Doors and Windows in Vijayawada

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